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We have sold over 3,000 booths all over the world in the last 10 years. This new 360 booth is reinvigorating this market once more. This truly reminds me of a rebirth of where we were over 10 years ago. Get paid 500 plus an hour for this rental! Don’t miss out on huge earning potential!

Spinning 360 Photo Booth Video Portable Revolve 360 Photobooth With Ring Light

360 photo booth is a 360-degree omni-directional photo booth, First part of our 360 camera booth is base, we have Four different sizes, and the load-bearing capacity of different sizes of base is different.

● Material: Metal Enclosure With Metal Stand
● Support Multi-Device:Go Pro,iPad,Camera,Smart Phone
● Platform Height: 20cm(Without Foot Pads)
● Platform Diameter:80cm/31.5”, 100cm/39.4”, 115cm/45.2”
● Support Standing People: 1-2 People, 2-4 People, 4-6 People
● Net Weight: 38kg, 46kg, 52kg

Honeycomb Carton Standard Packaging or Flight Case Packaging

360 Degree Rotation
LED Lights
Flight Case Protectio
Remotely Control
Custom LOGO
Stage Effects

Free Custom Logo Added

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The 360 photo booth is one of the hottest entertainment and event experiences currently on the market. Widely called a 360 photo booth, it is actually a video booth that captures 120 frames a second. Users step on the platform, while a revolving video camera spins 360 degrees around to capture slow-motion video.

Touchpix is the perfect app for spinners. You can control a GoPro or use the iPhone. Connect it to an iPad with the build-in sharing station. The app can do effects, animated overlays, audio, intro videos, outro videos, everything you need for a 360 spinner.

A social 360-degree photo booth is way different from any conventional photo booth. You don’t need to set up multiple cameras at different angles to cast the limelight. Unlike a basic photo booth, where you get the picture clicked from just one angle, the 3D photo booth is mounted on a spinning wheel.

Social events (birthday parties, holiday parties, sporting events, and graduations) can typically run anywhere from $500 to $1,000 per event; or $250 – $350 per hour.

Checklist for How to Start a Photo Booth Business

Write a Photo Booth Business Plan.
Choose a Business Structure.
Determine Your Photo Booth Business Costs.
Register Your Photo Booth Business and Open a Bank Account.
Purchase Equipment for Your Photo Booth Business.
Market Your Photo Booth Business.

How much profit can a photo booth business make? Photo booths typically make about $35,000 per year. This depends on the area, however, as high-traffic locations are often more popular.

Starting at $2499, all it takes is two 3-hour events to get your investment fully paid. After that, the 360 photo booth earns for you! So, buy a 360 photo booth now and book your first event! This is the trendiest and most innovative photo booth available in the market.

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